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Kept at Bay: Art on Guantánamo    
September 10, 2014- October 19, 2014

This exhibition explores the experiences of individuals who have been connected directly with or associated with Guantánamo through art. Artwork in Kept At Bay speaks for thousands of diverse individuals who have lived in or have been influenced by Guantánamo. American military personnel and their families, Haitian refugees, Cuban refugees, and post 9/11 detainees are among those who have had associations with Guantánamo. Kept At Bay was curated by students enrolled in the Graduate Certificate of Museum Studies at Florida International University under the direction of professor Melissa Diaz in association with the Guantánamo Public Memory Project.


Marisa Tellería: Still  
September 10, 2014- October 19, 2014

Still presents a series of new works of various scales, from expansive installations to small stand-alone objects. The large works made up of countless small, layered gestures envelop the viewer, while intimate smaller works, equally elaborate and layered, suggest a larger psychological space. Tellería constructs a contemplative and meditative space that allows for introspection and reverie.


Stadtluft Macht Frei (Urban Air Makes You Free):
Jacek Kolasinski, Roberto Rovira & Orlando Garcia

September 10, 2014- October 19, 2014

Featuring Associate Professor Jacek Kolasinski, Chair of the Department of Art & Art History; Associate Professor Roberto Rovira, Chair of the Landscape Architecture Department; and Professor Orlando Jacinto Garcia of the FIU School of Music. Stadtluft Macht Frei is a German medieval dictum describing a principal of law that offered freedom and land to settlers who took up urban residence for more than "a year and a day." Broadly speaking, this principle allowed the rising burghr class to seek self-governance and economic autonomy. This collaborative multimedia inquiry brings together voices of three discrete academic disciplines—visual arts, printmaking and music—to offer a unique artistic interpretation of this complex historic process.


A Wolfsonian Teaching Exhibition:
Koizumi Kishio—Remember+ing Tokyo

October 1, 2014-January 11, 2015

The Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 was the worst natural disaster ever to strike Japan. Using art as a social record, the woodblock print artist Koizumi Kishio (1893-1945) produced this famous art series between 1928 and 1940; these works are fond memories of the old imperial capital, as well as his accounts of the resurrection of Tokyo. Curated by Lidu Yi, Ph.D.


Papua New Guinea: Gogodala Art and Identity, Transition and Revival
October 1, 2014-October 26, 2014

This exhibition explores the changing identity of the people living on this Pacific island. Through a representative presentation of recent carvings and other materials this group of people will be brought to life in the community gallery of the Frost Art Museum. This exhibit is curated by Annette B. Fromm P.hD., in association with Tudor Parfitt, Director of the FIU Global Jewish Communities Program.

The Lost Tribe of Papua New Guinea




Hands of Korea       
October 1, 2014-January 4, 2015

This exhibition, a collaboration between the Frost and MIA Galleries of Miami International Airport, seeks to deepen appreciation of Korean culture and increase awareness of the richness of Korean arts, emphasizing their transformation into contemporary terms. The Frost will present a two-person exhibition featuring the work of Korean artists, Chunghie Lee and Jiyoung Chung, who offer contemporary approaches to two traditional fiber arts: Bojagi and Joomchi. MIA Galleries will present Korean craft culture through a range of traditional objects and contemporary reinterpretations in a variety of media. 


Gaby Grobo: Horizonte infinito               
November 8, 2014-December 7, 2014

In this new series of works, artist Gaby Grobo, has developed a personal iconography based on a collection of images she captured on her daily travels through the Argentinian fields in the town Carlos Casares and it’s surroundings.


A Global Exchange: Geometric Abstraction Since 1950
November 8, 2014-January 4, 2015

A Global Exchange presents an important collection of over fifty works of geometric abstraction from the collection of MACBA – Museum of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires- that trace the evolution of this movement in Europe and America over the last 60 years. The exhibition includes works by Artists such as Manuel Espinosa, Juan Melé, Kenneth Noland, Alexander Liberman, and Carlos Cruz-Diez.
Curated by Joe Houston.


Wang Qingsong: ADinfinitum                
November 8, 2014-January 18, 2015

This solo exhibition features the gigantic photograph masterpieces of Wang Qingsong (1966--), which show the earthshaking changes occurring in contemporary China, and the contradictions and problems brought about by the rapid transitions. The struggle, the confusion, "wandering" and "call to arms" of the ordinary people in their daily lives are vividly echoed in the details of the mural-like photographs. The nostalgic sentiment that comes along with the never-ending destruction and construction, and with the rapid disappearance of people’s homes and traditional cities in the torrent of social transformation can be strongly felt in the compositions of the photographs. Curated by Lidu Yi, Ph. D.

Wang’s works deal with social issues. He questions the vanity and the “glorious life sweeter than honey” in the face of the mind-boggling social changes. “I hope my photographic works witness and emulate the hopes and frustrations of Chinese people. I came to Beijing in 1993. I experience all these significant social, historical and artistic developments. So by depicting these visual stories in my photographs, films and sculptures, I hope viewers will recognize clearly my attitude towards social phenomena in the current times.”