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Marisa Tellería: Still  
September 10, 2014- October 19, 2014

Still presents a series of new works of various scale, from expansive installations to small stand-alone objects. The large works made
up of countless small, layered gestures envelop the viewer, while intimate smaller works, equally elaborate and layered, suggest a
larger psychological space. Tellería constructs a contemplative and meditative space that allows for introspection and reverie.
Curated by Klaudio Rodríguez.


Stadtluft Macht Frei (Urban Air Makes You Free):
Jacek Kolasinski, Roberto Rovira & Orlando Garcia

September 10, 2014- October 19, 2014

Stadtluft Macht Frei is a German medieval dictum describing a principle of law that offered freedom and land to settlers who took up urban residence for more than "a year and a day." Broadly speaking, this principle allowed the rising burgher class to seek self-governance and economic autonomy. Migration to cities, whether catalyzed by political dictum or by the promise of socioeconomic betterment, powerfully informs the many transformations that have shaped contemporary cities, nations, and landscapes. Migration, as a human and ecological phenomenon, profoundly reshapes its context and is a conduit by which identity is routinely questioned. This collaborative multimedia inquiry brings together voices of three discrete academic disciplines—visual arts, printmaking and music—to offer a unique artistic interpretation of this complex historic process.


Kept at Bay: Art on Guantánamo    
September 10, 2014- October 19, 2014

The experiences of individuals who have been connected directly to, or associated with, Guantánamo come together in their artwork which speaks for thousands of diverse individuals who have lived in or have been influenced by their time there. American military personnel and their families, Haitian and Cuban refugees, and post 9/11 detainees are among those who have had associations with this famous U.S. naval base in Cuba. Curated by students enrolled in the Graduate Certificate of Museum Studies at Florida International University under the direction of professor Melissa Diaz in association with the Guantánamo Public Memory Project.


Leonel Matheu: Crossroads of the Dystopia
July 12, 2014 - September 14, 2014

With a masterful use of the synthetic graphic design language, Leonel Matheu builds a personal, yet universal, iconography that interweaves intimate fables of our daily existence. Spirituality, technology, passion, solitude, dreams, chimeras and deceptions are at the core of this thoughtful body of work.
Featuring works that range from pencil and ink drawings to oil on canvas, video and installations, Crossroads of the Dystopia is Matheu’s first mid- career museum survey.  Curated by Janet Batet, the exhibition features over twenty years of work, providing a comprehensive overview of Matheu’s most distinctive imagery.

Simon Ma Heart . Water . Ink World Tour Exhibition 2014 -
Tribute to Mr. Xu Beihong

July 12, 2014 - October 19, 2014

One of China’s best known and internationally acclaimed artists, Simon Ma is a painter, sculptor, designer, and musician. The
Heart • Water • Ink World Tour Exhibition 2014 makes its first scheduled U.S. visit at the Frost Art Museum. In this exhibition, Simon Ma goes back to his preferred subject, Nature, and his reference to power and majesty, mountains, skies, waters and animals. 2014 is the Chinese Year of the Horse, and the name Ma means horse, so the horse becomes the favorite subject for this exhibition. In his inimitable and creative approach to art, Simon Ma, innovative artist and inheritor of the ancient traditions, looks up to the Chinese Master Xu Beihong and follows in his footsteps by creating a new show that unites the past and the present using a variety of materials and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Heart • Water • Ink features more than 70 artworks including paintings, freehand brushwork, Chinese ink hybrids, graffiti art, Chinese calligraphy, lacquer paintings, 3-D video projections, Murano glass, and large-scale dragon and horse sculptures.


Deep Blue by Javier Velasco
February 27, 2013 – Remainder of 2014

Spanish multi-media artist has been commissioned to do a site-specific work in the atrium of the Frost Art Museum. He used fused glass to create beautiful works that are allegories to the ephemeral, and speak to the fragility of nature and the environmental concerns of today.




The Kenan-Flagler Family Discovery Gallery
The Kenan-Flagler Family Discovery Gallery allows visitors to experience interactive activities designed to educate and entertain. This state-of-the-art Discovery Gallery consists of 13 stations including the computer-based display, Picture Yourself, where a camera takes an image of a person’s face and reproduces it on a touch screen. Participants can then trace the contours of the face with their fingers and print the finished product. The Kenan-Flagler Discovery Gallery is possible due to the support of the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust. The William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust was established in 1965 from the estate of William Rand Kenan, Jr., who was born in Wilmington in 1872 and graduated from UNC in 1894. Kenan was a scientist, chemical and mechanical engineer, business executive, dairy farmer and philanthropist.