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Director's Message

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The first quarter of 2017 has flown by quickly! We have been building on programs that we initiated the previous year—such as our continuing Sweetwater Neighborhood Project—and debuting new ideas including sketching in our galleries under the direction of FIU professors.

Edward West’s ambient photographs of South African townships highlighted the Frost Art Museum’s annual exhibition series dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy of envisioning a just and equitable world. The artist spoke about his tug toward the oppressed people of South Africa and how his photographs describe their lives, lived in the shadows. With a focus on the Southern Hemisphere, we also opened Marking the Infinite featuring nine Australian Aboriginal artists, all women, who paint on canvas, bark and logs. The work pulsates with life in the museum’s soaring Grand Galleries, where visitors absorb an art practice that, while new to women, has stretched back 40,000 years.

The galleries exuberantly exploded as Carol Brown Goldberg set up a satellite studio to oversee the creation of two grand murals. FIU students and community members worked with her over the course of the semester to contribute to Tangled Nature. Goldberg experiments with the Surrealist device of automatic drawing, wherein the hand moves across the paper or canvas driven by the subconscious. Her working process recalls the Zen masters who empty their minds of thought, in order to make room for the new.  

Perhaps the most interactive exhibition in the history of the Frost, Tangled Nature fits into the museum’s ethos as a teaching museum. We also work with FIU Faculty and students to develop exhibitions. This year’s MFA thesis exhibition invited visitors to consider the emerging and sparkling talent that FIU’s art department produces annually. It is immensely satisfying to see the high caliber exhibition that emerges from the yearlong Aesthetics & Values seminar.


We continue to enjoy the buzz that our new Vicky Café has created on campus. I look out at the terrace, humming with activity and laughter, which delightfully spills into the Frost.

With deep appreciation for your support, please consider becoming a member, which allows us to do our best work and connects you to this vibrant community.

Jordana Pomeroy, Ph.D.

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